Life Status
LifeStatus.Net is a tool to help you simplify coordination of life changing events: births, surgeries, illness, short term and long term care. LifeStatus.Net provides a private way enabling you, as an individual or caregiver, to gain support and communicate your status updates and needs to family, friends, and co-workers. Your LifeStatus.Net subscribers are divided into groups allowing you to decide who gets what information. Detailed health updates can go to immediate family, general updates can go to extended family and/or coworkers, while requests for meal assistance can go to a wider audience. To help you stay organized in your care or as a CareGiver, LifeStatus.Net has a shared calendar and task list. Create a meal delivery schedule, assign visiting hours, arrange ride schedules, grocery pick up, or anything you need help with. Let us help you share and organize your life changing events. 

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