What is a User?

A User is the basic level of account that was created when you signed up for LifeStatus.Net..

What is a Subscriber?

A Subscriber is another site member that has “subscribed” to you to see your NewsFeed updates, Events and other site activity as dictated by your privacy settings. When you receive a subscription request, you will be asked to place this User into a predefined private group. That User also put you in a private group when he or she elected to send you a subscription request.

What is a Private Group?

Private Groups are setup to help you decide which “group” of Subscribers sees your status updates, events and other site activity. Currently the predefined Private Groups are Close Family, Extended Family, Friend and Co-Workers. For example, when posting a status update, you will be able to select the group or groups you would like to share with. You can share with one or all depending on the sensitivity of the information you are sharing. By having private groups, LifeStatus.Net makes it easy for you to share one level of status update with close family that might be too personal to share with co-workers. This privacy carries throughout LifeStatus.Net.

What is a Caregiver?

A CareGiver is exactly what you know as a CareGiver. It’s a person who provides direct care (as for children, elderly people, or the chronically ill). LifeStatus.Net allows a User to become a CareGiver for another User’s account. This CareGiver level access enables you to control that User’s account to post updates, events, manage messages, crowdfunding campaigns, etc. All site level activity can be controlled by a CareGiver on behalf of that User.

How do I become a Caregiver?

To become a CareGiver, a User must navigate to your profile page and select the Add CareGiver button. You will then be notified to accept or deny this request. Once you are a CareGiver, you will see an option to access that User’s account in the upper right hand corner of LifeStatus.Net where your username appears.

How do I stop being someone’s CareGiver? How do I remove someone as being my CareGiver?

To remove yourself as a CareGiver, login as the User. Then, navigate to your profile page (The Caregiver’s profile page) and select the Remove CareGiver button. To remove a CareGiver, navigate to that User’s profile page and select the Remove CareGiver button.

What is the Resource area?

The Resource Area is place to research any of your needs in a geographical area. It is displayed a searchable map. Enter the criteria you are searching for and you will see results in a radius around your location. For example, searching for a Doctor, Hospice Center, Laundry service, Meal Service, Etc. will display those specific results that are close to you. Searching for someone from afar, simply change the default location and continue your search.

What is the Acts of Kindness section?

The Acts of Kindness section of LifeStatus.Net is a place for you to share any crowdfunding campaign you are currently running. Any crowdfunding site can be used and is compatible with our site. Once posted, your subscribers will see your campaign appear in their newsfeeds. Also, your campaign will be added to Random Acts of Kindness across the site.

What are Random Acts of Kindness?

Random Acts of Kindness is our way of sharing your crowdfunding campaign across the site. All other site members will be able to see your campaign. This is the ONLY post that will be shared publicly by default as opposed to specific private groups as with all other site functions. We do this to help you get further exposure for your crowdfunding campaign.

Who can see my status updates when I post to my Newsfeed?

Only the Private Group or Groups that you selected before posting your update can see that update.

Who can see events when I add one?

Only the Private Group or Groups that you selected before posting your event can see that event.

Will my Subscribers know what group I placed them in? I don’t want any hurt feelings.

No, private groups have been designed so that only you know who is in which Private Group. Aunt Sally will never know she has been placed in Extended Family versus being placed in Close Family. Also, Anita from work will never know she is in Co-Workers versus Friends.

What information can people see about me? (profile question of some sort)

When people search, they will only see your name and zipcode to verify you are the correct User that is being searched for. If you are found in search results, a User needs to Subscribe to you to see any of your profile or newsfeed data, and you can control the level of information by placing that User in a private group. You can also restrict your profile setting on your edit profile page.

How do I manage my Subscribers?

To manage your subscribers, go to you “Settings” page. You can get to your setting page by clicking on your username in the upper right hand corner of LifeStatus.Net. Once there, you will see your Subscribers listed on the right hand side of the page. Click on the “Manage Group” next to a Subscriber to manage the group or groups that Subscriber is in. To unsubscribe from a user, navigate to that User's profile page and click the “Unsubscribe” button.

Is there a cost to use the LifeStatus.Net?

The site is free to use.

Can I remove the ads?

Eventually, we will enable a paid level account that removes advertisements.

What information do you collect about me?

Please refer to the privacy policy for full details, but in short, we do not collect any data outside of what we use to verify who you say you are that you entered into your User profile.

Do you sell my data?

We do not sell any data or information about our Users. LifeStatus.Net was founded on a strict principle of privacy.