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Ever wondered what to say to someone going through a tough issue?  Have you ever held back help or communication in fear of saying the wrong thing?  This week's article is here to help you so that you can help others.  Link to the article here
David 17/07/2017 0 57

There are over 700,000 people who suffer from strokes every year, just in the United States and only 10% fully recover. But there’s a company that’s trying to increase that percentage thanks to their product, MusicGlove. MusicGlove is the first FDA appr
jeremiahcraig 10/07/2017 0 23

Last week I mentioned how frustrated my own father has become post stroke. It is very common for mood disorders to manifest after a stroke.  The below article from the American Stroke Association discusses the types of mood disorders and how to treat them.
David 30/06/2017 0 46

Being a CareGiver is a difficult and often thankless job. As with my own father, the closeness can make the situation worse often shining a spot lot on what he used to be able to do and now cannot. Frustration and lashing out are very common and require mo
David 23/06/2017 0 50

A healthy diet is very important. Healthy food habits can help you reduce three risk factors for stroke.
David 17/06/2017 0 37

June is Stroke Awareness Month here at Rehabilitation can be a long hard road. Here's an article on what to expect as you recover.
David 16/06/2017 0 64
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