About Us

LifeStatus.net was designed to solve problems my own family was going through while dealing with a life changing event. We needed a place outside of the current social media options to share updates with family members and friends that were spread out across the country.

We felt that sharing information about our life changing event on a current social media platform was too public. We wanted to maintain privacy so that we could give close family members detailed updates. We didn’t want to leave our friends out, but we only wanted them to know the basics. We also needed a place to organize rides, meals, cleaning, and laundry in a manageable shared calendar. 

We found that there were a lot of people that wanted to help, but didn’t know how to engage us. There were days we had more than one meal delivered in an evening and days where there were none.Arranging rides was also difficult trying to remember who volunteered on what day and time.

We built LifeStatus.Net to solve these problems for ourselves, and we hope we can help you with your life changing event as well.